5 End of Year Marketing Items to Add to Your Checklist

Marketing Year End   •   October 2018

It’s that time of year… Summer is over. Football has started. Holidays and Vacations are coming up. Budgets are due. There are a million things to do before the close of the year and the last thing on your mind is your company’s marketing plan. But this, my friends, is time to make your move. Because getting ahead is easiest when nobody else is paying attention.

We added 5 items to your end-of-year checklist that will help you feel much better heading into 2018.

I like lists, I’m controlling, I like order. I’m difficult on every level. –Sandra Bullock

1. Don’t Walk Your Bike. Understand, Organize and Use that Marketing Data!

Website Analytics, Google Analytics, Advertising ROI, Facebook Analytics, Instagram, LinkedIn, the list goes on and on and on.

If you have reports coming out of your ears, now is the time to organize them. Marketing Data is amazing. ROI is no longer a grey area when it comes to your marketing department. You can put a specific dollar amount on pretty much every marketing initiative your company tries.

You have all the information at your fingertips! You have the answers to EXACTLY who your customer is and where they are coming from, where your target audience is hanging out online, how much each lead costs, conversion rates, etc. The problem is, companies don’t usually have time to sift through, analyze and squeeze every last drop of value out of the analytics in creating a strategy for next year. They end up walking their bike.

Put together your YTD numbers and be acutely aware of what is working and where you’re wasting money.

  • 45% of direct mail never gets opened
  • 200 Million people are on the Do Not Call list
  • 85% of people fast forward through commercials
  • 88% of online customers choose retailers who deliver high-performance and user-friendly websites
  • Conversion rates go down by 7% for each second of delay on your site

Do you have similar products or components that use different marketing strategies? Examine the specifics. What are the numbers telling you? Marketing is no longer perceptions or hypotheses… it’s science.

2. Audit Your Online Presence

It all just happened so fast! The internet that is. Do you know every place you’re online? Do you have all the logins? Is the information outdated? Is the information consistent across platforms? Do all the links work on your website? Does it make sense?

Go through and put together a database of all the places you are online, the username and passwords, ensure the correct address, phone number, email, etc. is on there. Google uses that information when telling people how to contact you. Have you not updated the About Us section on Facebook in a while? What about on your website? Do you no longer offer a service that is listed? Find the broken links on your website – I promise you, there are some. Fix them.

3. Budget Accordingly

Y’all… well done. You just set yourself up so well to put together a strategic, purposeful marketing strategy. You now have all the information to make informed decisions.

You know where your customers are coming from, you know where your target audience is located, and you know which marketing dollars to reallocate.

How much did you spend on mailers or print ads last year? I would wager a new, more effective website would not only be less expensive, but provide a higher ROI.

For more information on the costs and benefits of outsourcing your marketing, check out our post “How Much is Your Time Worth?

4. Plan 2019 Now.

Your audience is the future. And probably already way ahead of you online. Work with your marketing department to understand emerging technologies and how they fit into your marketing plan. Before everyone splits up for weeks at a time, ask them to share their ideas that they’ve had when it is still fresh in their minds about bettering your marketing strategy. Have a rough outline of your seasonality, events, sponsorships, etc. Go into 2018 with the marketing blueprint, or at least a rough sketch.

5. Don’t Forget the Obvious

It’s funny how the holiday season tends to make people forget about the holidays. It’s almost November, which is pretty much Thanksgiving, which is essentially Christmas. Whatever you need to do to prepare you for that time, do it before everyone else remembers those holidays are right around the corner. Have graphics, blog posts, content, etc. all ready to go so you can stay busy shopping.

Want a cheat sheet? Download our Monthly Content Calendars.

And that’s it!

Did we overwhelm you? I hope not. We know it is a lot, we do it every day. It is why we suggest (without bias) to let us do it for you. You need a high-level understanding of the data, a customer approach to your online presence, a knowledgeable strategist, and an efficient planner who can execute. Hi.

We’re available at [email protected] if you need us.

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