Funny Work Related Memes To Get You Through Those Work Day Slumps

Funny   •   January 2018

Funny memes

Work is a very stressful place and a great way to deal with that stress is through some good laughs, and a great way to get some laughs is through memes. I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with memes. I have taken classes on them, read text books about memes, and I have even interviewed a living meme! I love memes because they are hilarious and super relatable to almost everyone. So here are some of my favorite work related memes to help get you through the work day slumps.

1. Who doesn’t have that one annoying, lazy coworker? We can ALL relate to this hilarious face!

2.  Michael Scott knows those #broke struggles

3. That feeling when you know you did amazing! 

4. When Monday rolls around….

5. Raise your hand if you wouldn’t survive without your work bestie!

6. That evil voice inside that tells you it’s fine to be a little late to work.

7. First things first…. coffee

8. Who let the weekend go by so fast? 

9. When will the day end?!?

10. Nothing beats the feeling of leaving work on a Friday!

I hope your day at work got a little bit better after reading this! A good laugh is just what you need sometimes to reduce your stress. Thank you for reading, but now it’s time to stop procrastinating and get back to work :) But first, go ahead and share some of these memes with your coworkers by clicking on one of the social share buttons on the left side of this page. Think you can do better? Go ahead and create your own using this meme generator. Then get back to work!

Summer Kelly Social Media Intern

Summer Kelly


Student | Social Media Intern

Summer is a Senior at Christopher Newport University working towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication Studies with a double minor in Digital Humanities and Leadership Studies. She is passionate about social media marketing and loves bringing memes into all aspects of her life.  As an intern, she is excited to learn more about digital marketing and the use of social media in the professional world.